Selected Stuff
- with Xin Cheng
- with Adaptable Futures Group
- with Akishima Kindergarten
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FIXing Tokyo
Tokyo DIY gardening
Tokyo local fruit
hand made play
MAMMOTH school collaboration
managing for creativity in Japan
patterns of Japanese creativity
other Creative Climate research
Selected Docs/Pubs/Pres
child scale city
hand-made Tokyo
Human(e) Aspects of Tokyo
Sketching for Usable Cities
Tokyo colour-in
structures and textures of Nagoya 2003-4
sketching for usable cities
small places of anarchy in the city
the non-intentional landscape of Tokyo
risk and creative climate in Japan (PDF)

a-small-lab by Chris Berthelsen. Lives in Mairangi Bay with a hut in Tokyo
Also doing stuff with the very inspiring Xin Cheng as making-do(ing)

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I've collaborated with software studios and online retailers, architects, think tanks, independent publishers, educational institutions, and other researchers.

Diverse output includes university courses, publications, presentations, digital projects, exhibitions, and physical structures.

Run small workshop, mainly in Auckland, NZ.
Doing independent and collaborative stuff at a-small-lab
making-do(ing): with Xin Cheng HERE
ENDED>> Professional Teaching Fellow: at Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland (2nd Semester, 2014)
also: with Adaptable Futures (Tokyo/UK) some of the time.
and with Akishima Kindergarten (Tokyo) some of the time.

2014-15: PhD Student in Design and Creative Technologies at Auckland University of Technology colab (recipient of colab stipend)
2007-2008: Research Student in Innovation at Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Commerce and Management (Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Scholarship Recipient) (Tokyo, Japan)
2005-2006: Masters Degree in International Business at the University of Auckland (Auckland, New Zealand)
2001: dropout of honours degree in econometrics at University of Auckland
1997-2000: BA (Art History) at the University of Auckland (Auckland, New Zealand)
1997-2000: BCom (Economics) at the University of Auckland (Auckland, New Zealand)
Crack Skeleton Photo Credit: Lin