hand-made play notes from a collaborative + open research project investigating, enjoying, and learning from the self-initiated non-commercial play of children in Tokyo

Hideout | 秘密の基地


[2]We made this together! This one is heaps better than the other one (we just looked at). When we finish this let’s make another one. (What was good about this one?) It’s got a proper entrance, and you can see out here. And you can’t see, but if it rains..
[1]There’s an umbrella!
[2]The entrance is that pink part. (What do you do in there?)Read books….cook…we also have a soccer ball and backpack. We always take a bag when we go camping. (What do you have in the bag?) Books and toys…we don’t use them much, but we do read the books a bit.
(How about you Cua?)
[1]Umm, I put heaps of stuff in the bag…
[2]And we took Mamoo [soft toy]. Mamoo is usually only around when we eat or go shopping. The place around here where the aliens are has some nice things which we ate. (Who made this house?) We made it together.
Hideout | 秘密の基地
Players: Girl, 3; Boy, 6.
Materials: Desk, Towels, Laundry Rack, Chair, Pegs.
Concepts: Confined Space, My Own Space, Build, Together.

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