hand-made play notes from a collaborative + open research project investigating, enjoying, and learning from the self-initiated non-commercial play of children in Tokyo

Space Camp | 宇宙キャンプ

[1]これでさ、あさおきてすぐいえをつくった。なかまをもってきて、けんももってきて・・あったかいしたのしい。このラーメンなくなったけどね。(朝からラーメン?)だってこれががキャンプだよ、よるのキャンプ、ほんとうはあさだけどね。 いえだけどテントだよ。(誰が行く?)。ぼくとくうあ(妹)とマッムー(ぬいぐるみ)。(どこに行った?)うちゅう。つめたい月でね、テントをはって、いっぱいくうきを入れてくらしていた。かえるときはテントをひこうきにへんけいさしてかえったんだよ。(寒くない?)ふとんでできているだから大丈夫。

[1]We made this as soon as we woke up. We got our toys, and our swords – really warm, and fun. This ramen we had is all gone though (ramen for breakfast?) That’s because this is camp, and at night. Of course it’s really morning though. It’s our house but also a tent. (Who went with you?) Me and Cua and Mamoo [soft toy]. (Where did you go?) We went to space. To the cold moon. We set up our tent and pumped in a whole lot of oxygen. Then, on our way home we turned the tent into an aeroplane. (Weren’t you cold?) It’s a futon, so we were OK.
(How about you, Cua?) [2]I relaxed with Mamoo in the engine room. We went, and also came home by scooter. And I took my bag with me.
[1]And then an alien came and I took to him with my sword and won! It’s just play though, not real. It’s play but it’s fun to pretend….
Space Camp | 宇宙キャンプ
Players: Girl, 3; Boy, 6.
Materials: Futon, Blanket, Cooking Set, Bags.
Concepts: Confined Space, Cozy, My Own Space, Create, Cooking, Eat, Organize, Travel, Outer Space, Aliens.

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