Patterns of Creativity in Japan Lessons from Successful Japanese Companies – A Resource

Be a ‘Gokiburi’ President

A gokiburi (cockroach) president scurries around getting into everything around him.

“In sharp contrast to virtually all executives in Japan (and most in the rest of the world), he doesn’t wait for a network of others to find out what is in the environment. He does not pause for consensus to build. He goes out and discovers for himself what is happening on the ground. He instantly decides—not by impulse, but through rapid thought—on a response. And he begins, immediately, making things happen.”

Example: Former Chairman of NTT DoCoMo Kouji Ohboshi gave himself the nickname of ‘gokiburi shacho’ (the cockroach president).

Source: Beck, J. and Wade, M. (2003). DoCoMo: Japan’s Wireless Tsunami.