Patterns of Creativity in Japan Lessons from Successful Japanese Companies – A Resource

Bring in Outsiders

Outsiders can bring new ideas, bypass ingrained mindsets, link previously disparate areas etc etc…….

Example: Mitsui brought in an outsider ‘Minomura Rizaemon’ to manage their affairs through a dangerous period – “a lone wolf who made decisions by himself rather than consensus”, someone with little ties and who had the ability to negotiate with many parties simultaneously.

Example: The first Datsun car was designed by an American – William R. Gorham, “an engineer with poor job prospects who had lost his job in Detroit and went to Asia to build motorized rickshaws”.

Example: Keiichi Enoki was brought in to the i-mode development team from outside the division – he “represented a kind of a missing link between the entrepreneurs that DoCoMo needed and the rebellious corporate employees that it started with”.

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