Patterns of Creativity in Japan Lessons from Successful Japanese Companies – A Resource

Integrate Foreigners

Leverage the knowledge, expertise and perspectives of foreign employees.

Real not token involvement.

Example: This may take a long time (e.g. It was only twelve years after starting such a system that Sony began to feel it was taking notice of non-Japanese employees contributions).

Example: Ajinomoto’s training programme where foreign technicians and managers visit Japan for three-to-six months – working, training, eating and living with Japanese employees and their families.

Example: NEC approached this by internationalizing their own Japanese managers (sending them on overseas assignments) – in the process making them more aware of the value of foreign input and the problems that foreign workers may face.

Source: Bartlett, C. and Yoshihara, H. (1988). New challenges for Japanese multinationals: is organisation adaptation their achilles heel? Human Resource Management, 27(1), pp19-43.