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The Wedge Effect

The Wedge Effect

Strategic Community Management

Strategic Community Management

Ambidextrous Organization

Ambidextrous Organization

Can You Change Your Culture? (Spin-Off or Import)

Can You Change Your Culture? (Spin-Off or Import)

Don’t be too proud to steal (or take care of your customers)

“…Shed your ego and learn from your competitors, always. This requires humility, speed and judgment…”

Noblesse Oblige

“….the confidence, the resources, and the freedom to make their own luck requires delivering what the military guys call “top cover.”..”

Put Yourself Out On a Limb and get Buy-In Lower Down the Hierarchy

“..put yourself out on a limb and get buy-in lower down the hierarchy….”

Meet Data Head On

“…meet data head on….”

Be a ‘Gokiburi’ President

“…a gokiburi (cockroach) president scurries around getting into everything around him….”


“…set ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goals’ and spark your organization…”

Forget the Past

“…decrease dependence on ingrained knowledge…”

Bring in Outsiders

“…outsiders can bring new ideas, bypass ingrained mindsets, link previously disparate areas etc etc…….”

Reorganise Existing Paths

“How much learning is permitted? How much learning is stimulated?”