Patterns of Creativity in Japan Lessons from Successful Japanese Companies – A Resource

Uncover New Values by Doing

The first step is not to change attitudes. The first step is to do it. If you know you should be doing something but are not sure what, seek out an obvious problem and go ahead and try and fix it.

Example: East Japan Railways management knew that they should be thinking about ‘service’ but in a newly privatised company which had been a bloated state-run monopoly no one really understood what ‘service’ meant and this made it difficult to even talk about changing attitudes.
Managers started a campaign to clean up the toilets in the dirtiest stations themselves – this “demonstrated to the rest of the company the new services that could be provided. By acting on their ideas, they dealt a death-blow to the old corporate culture….”

Source: Katayama, O. (1996). Japanese business into the 21st Century: strategies for success.