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Pancakes for Kai Auckland

Please note that this is not an event.

A series of neighbourhood pancake trolley rounds and stalls for October Kai Auckland Community Meals week.
*Sometimes using a trolley from making-do
*Many thanks to Kai Auckland for the 12 free range eggs, 3L milk and 2.5kg flour.

Weird Local Rag Article [Mairangi Bay]

Pancakes Available Apply Within: Oct 16 2014 [Mairangi Bay]

Open house pancakes all day.

Stall: Oct 14 2014 [Silo Park]

Snacks on a windy evening after a performance.

Pancakes and pancake rolls were enjoyed. An empty gas cannister led to warm coffee.

Many thanks to Aya for the energy and motivation (as always), Mano for the very good and good natured coffee grinding, Mat for the excuse to make it into the CDB fringe, and other good natured companions.

ŠPhoto from Aya Yamashita

Trolley/Stall: Oct 14 2014 [Smales Farm]

Late 20's and mid-30's men with time on their hands enjoy a quiet time at the halfway point of Smales Farm, on the Northern Expressway.

Encouragement came by way of children not in school playing dangerously with cricket bats, and their father (?) playing catch with them on a break (?).

Curious office park workers could not be tempted by a free and hot one.

Many regards to Alex for the fine timez.

Trolley: Oct 14 2014 [Mairangi Bay]

Trolley from making-do (supported by Artspace) adapted for pancakes.

Many thanks to Xin Cheng for the inspiration, trolley, and laminator.

Stall: Oct 10 2014 [Mairangi Bay]

Two bearded men in their 30's and a seven year old girl enjoy a morning tea of pancakes on a driveway stall.

Fast passing traffic and road crossing avoidances bear witness to an unwelcoming environment for the sharing of a brief and piping hot snack with 'neighbours'.

Nonetheless, a recently returned expat, new residents from Japan and China, and a balding unemployed man enjoyed a batch of 10 servings.

Many thanks to Kurt Strong and Cua.

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With Xin Cheng and companions during making-do and James Watson Reserve Project

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