Managing for Creativity in Japan Talking with Foreign Executives in Japan

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Obstacles Involved with being Non-Japanese

“…you have to speak the language……If you can’t speak Japanese you better be really good at what you do….”

Cultural Strength, Lose the Blinkers

“….This is a very closed society and that gives it strength – I see it as a real privilege to be able to be a part of it….”

Observe and Listen

“…60% of everything the Japanese people do is non-verbal….”

Process Focused Behaviour

“One thing I have noticed is that while people always talk about how polite the Japanese are I don’t really think that it is politeness. Actually I think that it is formality. It is a process driven way of doing things. There’s a way to drink tea, there’s a way to place your chopsticks on […]

Stuck in the Office

“When people are working in an office in this country they are probably about a third as productive as workers in a Western country, I think. That is a number I have run by a few people and there seems to be a consensus about this. People take three times as long to do things […]