stimulus terrain at MOTAT
stimulus terrain for innovation processes is a space at the Idea Collective / Innovation Hub at the Museum of Transport and Technology (Auckland, New Zealand).
This is part of a "dynamic, evolving, collaborative project that celebrates New Zealand's vibrant innovation culture" by pairing five diverse New Zealand innovators with artists and designers to illuminate the activity of innovation, ideation, creation and collaboration.

Includes great illustrations by Aya Yamashita, Cua B, and Ayu B.
Based on case of Eat My Lunch.


more detail images here

downloads of pamphlets and worksheets in the terrain

branding / mess: some sketch ideas in the hope of a discussion

sketch text about mess, innovation, branding. download PDF (2mb)

worksheets for oblique innovation models

a range of fill-in-the-gaps innovation and creativity diagrams, for generating weird offshoots of conventional models. download PDF (80mb)

scavenger hunt for exploring innovation models

scavenger hunt prompts for exploring the terrain. download PDF (8mb)