kokonohanashi (ここの話)

email: chris@a-small-lab.com

About kokonohanashi (ここの話)

The kokonohanashi (ここの話 lit. 'talking about here') project works in local settings with a combination of analogue (notebooks, pens, laminated A4 posters, wire, legwork) and open low-tech tools (QR codes, stripped down Wordpress, email, smart-and-not-so-smart-phones) to investigate the development of a platform for discussion about, and positive action in, city space by the people who most matter - those who experience and use the place in their everyday lives.

It is run by Tokyo-based research and creation unit a-small-lab.

Please contact Chris Berthelsen at a-small-lab with all questions, comments, ideas, requests:

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Project Overview

Take a look at a more detailed project overview [PDF, 5mb]
or click through the slideshow below.

Project Updates

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