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The Nature Prints

The Nature Prints: A Story for all ages and eras is an open publication.

Bees, Nazis, Stonethrowers, Geishas, Prisms, Hot-Air Balloons, Crabs as Generals, Eagles holding court, Rampant ants, this book has it all and MORE! OH! A storybook of collages - take your time, tell your own story in nine different ways 3 times a night! On this page are the links to view and download this work under the following license: Attribution ShareAlike License: You can SHARE and REMIX this publication as long as you CITE this work SHARE your work under a license the same as or similar to this one, and TELL US about your work (and send us a copy or link!) (note however, that the all the images used within are found images which may or may not be covered by copyright.....If you believe you have rights to any of the images please get in touch....we have no idea how to get hold of you....) More Detail Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

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