Studio for Creative Revitalization Of Tanuki Urban Manifestations (S.C.R.O.T.U.M.)

The Studio for Creative Revitalization Of Tanuki Urban Manifestations works with the Tanuki - a member of the canine family that resembles a raccoon (commonly known as raccoon dog in English). In addition to being a real animal that resides in the nooks and crannies of Tokyo alleyways and shrines it is also a pleasure-seeking and massively testicled mythical figure central to Japanese folklore and popular culture.

We would like to encourage more urban human/non-human cohabitation, and are inspired by what a tanuki-friendly Tokyo would look and feel like.

Investigating urban animals offers unexpected insights for remaking city life so that it is more adaptable and responsive to interaction and sharing. Like buildings and people, animals also have a history in the city, with dimensions that include layers, time, and context. Animal architecture helps us look past materials and structures, and turn our focus to cohabitable microspaces, pleasures, pranks, and cross-species relationships.

A collaboration with Jared Braiterman and Jess Mantell and Luis Mendo.

**Making Friends**
UPDATE:The S.C.R.O.T.U.M. intervention "Making Friends" has been accepted to the Artifacts section of EPIC 2013 London - "EPIC is the premier international gathering on the current and future practice of ethnography in the business world."

Our artifact is a storyboard that documents a research interaction and illustrates human evolution in approaching the unexpected in shared public spaces.

Making Friends was a true, inter-species encounter in the Tokyo Metro. Click to enlarge image.

タヌキさんの最新情報は こちらへ

Check the Tokyo Green Space S.C.R.O.T.U.M. archive for most recent inter-species interventions HERE

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> オランダ大使館で、タヌキさんが泳いでいます。「Still City」というワークショップのオープニング・パーティーです。「ビデオはこちらへ」
> Tanuki san made a splash during the Still City workshop, a Dutch-Japan exploration of post-growth urban life. VIDEO HERE

> 他人にお菓子をあげても、食べるとはかぎらない。「ビデオはこちらへ」。タヌキさん、東京にお帰りなさい。
> You can offer candy to strangers, but you can’t make them eat it. Sexy lady quickly rejects tanuki’s gift. Outside of Azabu-juban station VIDEO HERE

**Tokyo Tanuki: Learning from Mythical and Real Urban Animals**
"Welcoming real and mythical urban animals expands ideas of adaptability past spatial, structural and service strategies that focus on the physical artefact, showing a way for considering how microspaces, pleasures, pranks and human/non-human relationships can inform thinking about urban environments design."

> Read the full article on This Big City
> "Tokyo Tanuki: Apprendre par l’observation des animaux mythiques urbains" en francais
> "El Tanuki de Tokio: aprendiendo de un animal urbano, un mito y una realidad." en Espagnol

> Tanuki offers taxi driver some scrotal treats - on Tokyo Green Space
> Which part is most useful for making friends? Tanuki makes guest appearance at morning story-telling - on Tokyo Green Space
> Will Tokyo residents open their hearts and welcome tanuki’s return? - on Tokyo Green Space
> Tanuki offers candy to strangers, but people ignore him - on Tokyo Green Space
> Tanuki arrives in Azabujuban and stores his bike in his scrotum - on Tokyo Green Space
> How to entice tanuki “racoon dogs” to return to Tokyo - on Tokyo Green Space

> Tokyo Tanuki in a late night collaboration and USA junk food consuming session at the Tokyo satellite home/office of UK-based Adaptable Futures group (this group explores adaptability, time and change in the built environment) - on Flickr
> Usually brightly lit access from the new Shibuya Hikarie (motto: "Shibuya Welcomes Business People and Shoppers") through to Shibuya Station is unusually dark tonight. I'm convinced that they are learning from our S.C.R.O.T.U.M. and attempting to create an inviting environment for Tanuki in the city center - on Flickr
> Tokyo Tanuki makes contact with foreign lands via video conferencing technologies - on Flickr
> Sketch Notes: Aspects of Tanuki Urban Experience from Heisei Tanuki Gassen Pon Poko - DOWNLOAD PDF (1MB)
> Early (and rough!) concept sketches for Testicular Tactical Urbanism on Flickr