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Tokyo Colour-In: (180p)

Tokyo colour-in. The colouring-in book of Tokyo street art.
A colouring-in book of Tokyo street art created to introduce little hands and minds to the fine-grained hand made aspects of human(e) creativity on the street. Developed from the Tokyo street art research project.

Download PDFs and Images for free - details HERE

A5 Size: Square images + space for writing your own story/poem....create your own story book in collaboration with Tokyo.
Square: A robust block of full page images.

Follow the lines and areas of Tokyo street art. Develop a finer-grained familiarity with the haze of stickers and paint which often blur into one invisible and unconsciously ignored mess. Add your own colours, lines and text and create new life amongst the debris of society. Realize that the city is not fixed by the violence of commercial development and the radical monopolization of space but actually a dynamic and fluid mix of ingredients and platforms for the human hand. Take this opportunity to sharpen your senses to another aspect of the hand made city.

A list of activities for this resource is kept [HERE]
You can also view the photos on this page on Flickr.