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Activities for use with Tokyo Colour-In

For use with Tokyo Colour-In: The colouring-in book of Tokyo street art.

Storytime/Street Poetz
Use the notes space to write short stories or free-association poems - do it by yourself in a daze, or with a friend.

Match UP
Carry your Tokyo Colour In with you on your travels through the city. When you spot one of the images from the book in real life tape your coloured-in version next to it to give it company. Document the result. Materials: Tape, Camera

Bingo and/or Treasure Hunt
With a friend, rip out a few pictures each and take them with you on a stroll around the city. Check off the street 'arts' as you find them. Materials: Pen/Pencil

Meeting Log
Carry your Tokyo Color In and a few pens/pencils with you. Whenever you meet someone colour in a page together as a warm, hand made memory. Materials: Colouring in tools of the trade