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東京ローカルフルーツ (Tokyo Local Fruit Study)

A public project looking at non-commercial fruit in Tokyo private gardens and public spaces. We hope to learn about what is being grown, where, and how it is being enjoyed and shared - the simple, everyday tastes, stories and memories of fruit in Tokyo.
Do you eat, grow, or share local fruit in Tokyo? We are collecting stories about Tokyo local, or non-commercial, fruit. Please share yours.
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> A collaboration with Jared Braiterman and Jess Mantell.

**Tokyo, a Fruitful City (Farming the City book contribution)**
Contribution to the Farming the City book, produced and edited by CITIES.

"..[A] great piece of analysis with a wonderful take on the role and potential of fruit in the urban metabolism" say the editors.

> Photos and details HERE

**Tokyo Fruit Layers (English Version)**
"Understanding fruit layers can help make urban life more social, resilient and delicious" - A short text we prepared for the LIMNO Collabora on stratification, nature, and landscapes.

Download the PDF (15MB)HERE

**Tokyo Local Fruit on greenz.jp**
> In-depth interview/article covering our Tokyo Local Fruits Project (あんなところにフルーツが!果物を通じて”おいしい街”TOKYOを再発見する「東京ローカルフルーツ」 [マイプロSHOWCASE]) - on greenz.jp (in JP)
> Jared Braiterman presented our Tokyo Local Fruits project at July's green drinks Tokyo - HERE (in JP)

**Tokyo Fruit Layers | 東京フルーツ・レイヤー**
The Japanese language version of a text we prepared for the LIMNO Collabora on stratification, nature, and landscapes.


フルテキストは こちら

**Edible Subscapes and Sensual Substitutes**
A small story and images about fruit in Tokyo.

Delectable codescapes; DRM-infused code candies;
Industrial juices and code snippets; A city of dog turds and plastic bags.....

Rich, dark soils in rotting tatami mats....

Teletechnologies of generalised taste VS Resilient and distributed asynchronous economies of mutual reciprocity.

Read it at Tokyo DIY Gardening.org

> We presented this project at the Pechakucha Global Cities Week (Tokyo) on Feb 23 [HERE]
> Our presentation for Pechakucha Global Cities Week (Tokyo) on Tokyo Local food is now up on the Pechakucha site
> VIEW the presentation slides on SLIDESHARE - and take a look at the UStream [HERE] (starts about 4:40)