a-small-lab by Chris Berthelsen. Based in Tokyo & Mairangi Bay
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なにをつくってる? | what am I making, what are we making?

A document of play at a suburban Tokyo kindergarten.
Part of the "with Akishima Kindergarten" project.

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The makings of children are difficult to understand. The curry made in the playground today is tomorrow’s foot bath. And the day after that it’s a zoo. At the same time a volcano may erupt. Hand cream made of sand can turn into poison rice balls while you’re distracted. Some days cake making parties drag out interminably but some afternoons they switch without warning to preparation for a long journey. In the midst of all this, fixed production methods and quality assessment systems are not as rare as you’d think. And fine-grained craftsmanship shines through. As an adult I can make my own (weak) interpretations but in the field I am at the mercy of the children.
This book shows but a tiny selection of the makings that the children of Akishima Kindergarten in Tokyo introduced me to. With a nearby friend, spend time inspecting these images, wondering what is being made (or what you would like to make), and conjuring up your own stories ? in the process I hope that you can become a little more conversant with the joy that is ‘making with hands’.


View full pamphlet online on SLIDESHARE
Download PDF from HERE