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The Works of God

The Works of God (edited by christ) is an open publication commissioned by a-small-lab

This book features 21 poems, short stories, drawings, conceptual pieces by a number of angsty 20 year olds. May offend (probably will). Features racist, sexist, and other -ist content. All tongue in cheek but nevertheless harsh. Please don't view this if you are going to have a problem with it.

On this page are the links to view and download this work under the following license: Attribution ShareAlike License: You can SHARE and REMIX this publication as long as you CITE this work SHARE your work under a license the same as or similar to this one, and TELL US about your work (and send us a copy or link!). More Detail Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

View and Download Hi-Res Scans of Every Page at Flickr 133 images; 147.96mm x 209.93mm; 400dpi; jpeg [Link]
View the Book Slideshow on Flickr
View and Download from Scribd, the social publishing site