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a-small-lab by Chris Berthelsen. Lives in Mairangi Bay with a hut in Tokyo
Also doing stuff with the very inspiring Xin Cheng as making-do(ing)
and small-workshop as well

newsletter: new work, calls for collaboration & work, bits and pieces of note Sign Up Here

I've collaborated with software studios and online retailers, architects, think tanks, independent publishers, educational institutions, and other researchers.

Diverse output includes university courses, publications, presentations, digital projects, exhibitions, and physical structures.

please see for recent works and documents (2016 onward)

Recent Updates: [view super out of date project list]

**summer art, not-school / Jan 2016!**
Summer Art, Not-School was a free programme of art activities at and around Mairangi Arts Centre (with support from the Creative Communities Scheme) during January 2016.

A drop-in art space for all ages operated during opening hours, with other events popping up around the neighbourhood - construction of waterslides in public parks, bucket sculpture making in Mairangi Village, car-graffiti at the beach, drawing on the windows of a local house, and a free garage sale of creative materials.

Summer Art, Not-School was part of an experiment in discovering new ways to enjoy art in our community.

More details HERE

**fragments of a diary of savouring, to the kindergarten**
pamphlet about observations on frugal play with dirt and other stuff in Tokyo alternative kindergarten over a long period.

Pamphlet HERE

**stimulus terrain for innovation processes at MOTAT**
stimulus terrain for innovation processes is a space at the Idea Collective / Innovation Hub at the Museum of Transport and Technology (Auckland, New Zealand).

This is part of a "dynamic, evolving, collaborative project that celebrates New Zealand's vibrant innovation culture" by pairing five diverse New Zealand innovators with artists and designers to illuminate the activity of innovation, ideation, creation and collaboration.

more details HERE

**small waste workshop (pilot) at Mairangi Bay School**
Small Waste Workshop (Mairangi Bay School, Auckland NZ) was an experiment in widening the margin of play in the school grounds and fosternig an environment where students can learn about waste, its possibilities, and the challenges involved in collecting and working with it. Waste resources collected in the school and community were repurposed by students in a zone of free self-building.

project portal HERE

**included in Artist Parent Index**
I'm honored to be included in this nice project.

"The Artist Parent Index is a searchable database of artists making work about their experience as parents. This site also features exhibits exploring topics of parenthood as well as organizations supporting artists who are parents."

Website HERE

**small workshop open!**
A small workshop for free creation, open to all who wish to use it.

While based in Auckland suburbs, we have the resources of the Super City at our doorstep, harbours, beaches, mountains and rivers in our backyard, and diverse collaborators throughout the country and around the world.

Website HERE

**light and wild tracks project**
Lightweight tracks for cracking open adventure in sub/urban informal greenspaces in Auckland, New Zealand.
Under permission of the principle of temporary, frugal, non-commercial, lightweight / no-harm local resident use.

Index HERE

**Trustee for Mairangi Arts Centre**
I'm pleased to be named as a trustee for my local art centre - Mairangi Arts Centre. A valuable and rare non-commercial non-sporting presence in an Auckland suburb.
MAC website HERE

**Selected Texts by Kyohei Sakaguchi (my translations)**
Polymath and President of the New Government (新政府) in Kumamoto, Japan, Kyohei Sakaguchi is somethingIknownotwhat. Anyway, in correspondence with this amazing man I have been translating (rough drafts) parts of his writings as I read them so that they can be shared more widely.

Expect heaps more!

The evergrowing index to the translated texts is HERE

**[VIDEO] Koshu Revolution: Kyohei Sakaguchi (my translations)**
Video for New Government (Kyohei Sakaguchi, etc) activities for the Asian Arts Theatre Grand Opening, Zero Re: public. My translation. Glad to help out.

Video HERE

**Tokyo Totem, A Mythic Field Manual to Tokyo (Contribution)**
Monnik, based in the Netherlands, is publishing a subjective travel guide to Tokyo with the title ‘Tokyo Totem, A Mythic Field Manual to Tokyo’. I am super excited that my contribution on children and their neighbourhoods will be included in this JP/EN bilingual publication! (Scheduled for release Nov 2015).

Pechakucha talk about the book HERE

More about the book from Creative Industries Fund NL HERE

**"making stuff with junk" - two-day workshop at Waiotahe Valley School**
As part of our continuing making-do(ing) (also including Melanie Kueng and Eleanor Cooper) experiments in 'doing stuff with stuff' we made stuff with junk with the students of Waiotahe Valley School on the east coast of New Zealand's North Island over two days in early August 2015. It was great!

Photo Set HERE

**on enjoying our gardens and other wild places**
Invited not-sculpture for for headland Sculpture on the Gulf 2015 with Xin Cheng as part making-do(ing).

From mid-Jan to mid-Feb 2015 - Waiheke Island, New Zealand
"exploring the idea of the sculpture as a starting point and platform for collaborative creation and enjoyment" - project site HERE

Photo Set HERE

**TVNZ Neighbourhood documentary**
Invited not-sculpture for for headland Sculpture on the Gulf 2015 with Xin Cheng as part making-do(ing) appears in a TVNZ documentary as part of a longer feature on Xin's work.

View on demand HERE

**Asian Aucklanders and the Arts 2015**
Creative New Zealand's 2015 report on Asian Aucklanders and the Arts illustrates 'participation' with a photo from our (with Xin Cheng) making-do project with Artspace NZ.

Download the PDF report HERE

**Thinking and making home remedies for frugal and friendly living: a workshop with Xin and Chris for Ecoday 2015**
Using Chris and Xin's research on makeshift and resourceful making as a starting point, and the kind of “design thinking” based on improvising with what is at hand and the given environment, participants will explore how assembling frugal materials together can be used to meet the practical needs of our daily lives, to transform spaces and function of things.

Bring along some practical problems you’d like to solve or fix. Also, bring some light items of junk or materials from home that you’d like to be made into something else, such as broken tools, orange peels, tangles of string, bits of wood, fruit stones, pieces of wire, small fragments etc.

Sunday 12 April, 11:30am and 2pm, Sustainable Living Centre, 4 Olympic Place, New Lynn

(Part of Xin's Makeshift series of events Mar/Apr 2015)

Photo Set HERE

**Fixing Tokyo, Cracking Open Auckland**
“Tokyo has the potential to create change in the city through the quiet accumulation of urban elements rooted in everyday life"
(Koh Kitayama in Tokyo Metabolizing)

This is a (s)low-key activity time where we will sift through remnants of five years ‘worth’ of ad-hoc fieldwork and activities related to DIY constructions, small spaces of anarchy, and everyday conviviality in Tokyo. Let us see what ideas for cracking open Auckland and its Unity Plan bubble up.
You are encouraged to bring scraps and resources from your own travels and investigations.

'Anytime' in April - email me to fix a time and place.

(Part of Xin's Makeshift series of events Mar/Apr 2015)

**Doing stuff with stuff: designing for the everyday metamorphosis of collaborative work environments**
Paper for STS Italia Conference: A Matter of Design: Making Society through Science and Technology (with Charles Walker)

"This paper unpicks a thread in the everyday logic of the novelty-seeking motives of emerging collaborative environments. Through a discussion of metamorphosis and mess, and boundaries of stuff we propose an understanding of the dynamic view of knowledge and the in-formation of design (viewed as the ambiguous and inarticulate ‘doing stuff with stuff’) as ‘everyday metamorphosis’..."

Download proceedings from HERE

**An Unexpected Journey: Experiences of Learning through Exploration and Experimentation**
(paper for DesignEd Asia Conference 2014: Action! - Doing Design Education) (with Andy M. Connor, Sangeeta Karmokar, Ben Kenobi, Stefan Marks, and Charles Walker all from AUT Colab)

Text available from HERE

**Makeshift at the Chinese New Year Festival, Mar 7 2015**
Makeshift at the Chinese New Year Festival, Mar 7 2015

“developing a shared understanding of home-made remedies”

Xin Cheng as making-do(ing)

Supported by Whau Local Board

**Impromptu and Wet Makings with AKAU Workshops**
We traveled to the Far North to hang out with design and architecture studio AKAU and do some impromptu makings/workshops as a forerunner to their community build.

Photo Set HERE

**what could happen on a fence | self medication for our city**
Feb 26-Mar 1 2015: work on a fence for the Summer Art Show at Ponsonby Central (Auckland, NZ)

title: what could happen on a fence | self medication for our city |
medium: mixed media
x2 line text for work: “…it is a new challenge to craft not beautiful and convincing artifacts, but evocative and open-ended materials for further experimentation… to creatively set the scene for a distorted here and now” (Joachim Halse)

With Xin Cheng as making-do(ing)

**Making Friends: Becoming Real and Mythical Animals as a Research Lens**
Presentation and panel discussion (Revealing Layers track) at ADA Mesh Cities Auckland Symposium 2014 SPACE : NETWORK : MEMORY, Auckland) - SEPTEMBER 2014/

**making-do: a loose toolkit**
(Artspace, Auckland) (with Xin Cheng) - as part of our ongoing making-do public project with Artspace NZ - bits and pieces HERE

**Distracted Talk at Elam School of Fine Arts**
Invited presentation at Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University with Xin Cheng and 130 grapefruits foraged and hauled in from the North Shore of Auckland as part of our collaboration making-do(ing)

**Games Afternoon at RM: Improvising Games from Slums, Megaregions and Super Cities**
Games Afternoon at RM (as part of making-do(ing) with Xin Cheng and Sense Pleasures of a Super City course among others) offered up a range of research artifacts as playthings from Cambodian slums, Auckland sub/urban zones, the Tokyo megaregion and more. Fluid game dynamics and warm-hearted late afternoon sustenance provided footholds for experimentation in psychological mapping, conversation, gift giving, ad-hoc archiving, and leveraging the memories of others.

More Details HERE

**Pancake Trolley and Stall for Kai Auckland**
A series of neighbourhood pancake trolley rounds and stalls for October Kai Auckland Community Meals week - More Details

**Sense Pleasures of a Super City: Artistic Research and Dealing with Digital - a Project in Weird Education**
Running a studio project for second year students at Elam School of Fine Arts (University of Auckland). It's about things like lived experience of the city, storytelling and documenting, design as a tool for inspiring people and opening up terrains of investigation, at least.

Project site HERE; Project overview HERE; Resources HERE etc

**Making-Doing Park - Concept Design for James Watson Reserve, Auckland, New Zealand**
We were invited by Auckland City Council to work on concept designs for James Watson Reserve in South Auckland, New Zealand.

Project members: Xin Cheng, Eleanor Cooper, Chris Berthelsen

More details, documentation, research and concept design on the project sketchbook HERE

**Making Do publication launch at Auckland Zinefest (19 July 2014, Sat)**
making-do publication
Chris Berthelsen, Xin Cheng
With Contributions by companions: Emma Cowan and Joseph McGregor, Harriet Stockman, Ophelia Mikkelson, Jacob Barratt-Boyes, Cameron Rey, Jahnne Pasco-White
Supported by Artspace, NZ

Launching Saturday July 19, 12 - 5pm
At the Auckland Zinefest
Auckland Old Folks Association, 8 Gundry St, Newton, Auckland
Available for a non-monetary exchange

More details on the Artspace website HERE and Zinefest website HERE

**A Stimulus Terrain! for Widening the Margin of Play (26th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno, Czech Republic)**
With Xin Cheng for Distracted-Workshop at 26th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno 2014, Czech Republic)

More details, documentation, and sketcbook HERE

**Border Crossing workshop for Auckland University of Technology**
All day workshop with Xin Cheng for Auckland University of Technology second-year art students, on the theme of wide ranging research, and trans/inter-disciplinarity

Photos from the workshop here HERE

**Making Do Workshop at Artspace with Xin Cheng (Friday May 9, 2014)**
A workshop with the very inspiring Xin Cheng, supported by Artspace.

Friday May 9 from 11:30 to approximately 14:00, rain or shine
Meet at Artspace (Education Room)

In the making do workshop we will savour the simple pleasures of practical experimentation with resources at hand and the environment as given. After a brief clearing of the ground in the Artspace Education Room the workshop will head outdoors and potter around the inner-city with a trolley of full of tools and junk. In the process we will not be afraid to follow our interests.

More details on the Artspace website HERE

**Making Do with Xin Cheng**
A project with the very inspiring Xin Cheng, supported by Artspace.

Having a conversation with the junk of a City of Riches feels surprisingly cosy.
And inspires intense concentration.

With a makeshift trolley of tools and resources in tow, Xin Cheng, Chris Berthelsen and companions become hypnotized by the fine-grain of Auckland’s native wetlands, urban industrial zones and sub/urban deathtraps. Over a series of walks they begin to work out how to come to terms with the Super City in a pragmatic, generative, and non-goal-oriented manner.

making do by Xin Cheng, Chris Berthelsen and companions might concern: circumstances and eddies, niches and leftovers, material intrigue, spontaneous constructions and rearrangements, sustenance and pleasures of the senses. at least.

Sketchbook and more details HERE

**Kanto Tour Guide**
Very nice to see my edition of the Kanto Tour Guide published by the fantastic Shibaura House (top row, second from right).

**Some Aspects of a Volcano Walk**
A document of how primary school children interact with their environment on a beach walk along a volcanic shoreline in Auckland, New Zealand.

I am inspired by the ways that children find relaxation and comfort, joy, frustration, challenge and creative outlets in working and interacting with everyday materials on a beach walk. I’m interested in how this frugal and unremarkable loose association, improvisation, functional reuse and problem-solving can inform and provoke our thinking about school and learning environments.

Details/Downloads HERE

**with Mairangi Bay School**
Repository and blog for collaboration with Mairangi Bay School - a small-ish primary school with high education standards located on Auckland's North Shore (New Zealand).

Project Site: HERE

**Ecofest North 2014 | Local Food Workshops**
During Ecofest North 2014 I am hosting a series of casual morning teas about collaborative and non-commercial food practices in the past, present and future of the East Coast Bays (Auckland, NZ).

More details HERE

**Building for Creativity**
A discussion document about building for creativity. Produced in programming stages for an innovation center in Japan. For Van Der Architects

View and download on Slideshare or on Scribd.

**なにをつくってる? | what am I making, what are we making?**
A document of play and loose parts at a suburban Tokyo kindergarten.

Part of the "with Akishima Kindergarten" project.

View and download HERE

**Enabling City: Volume 2**
I'm delighted to be included in Volume 2 of Enabling City, a publication that highlights projects and people that enhance creative community resilience.

I also contributed several examples from Japan to the book.

View and download the book HERE.

Some artifacts from research and design projects on how people use and interact with their environments with a focus on cities, organizations, software, and tools - HERE.

**Work for an Innovation Center in North-Eastern Japan**
I was recently lucky enough to be invited to consult with the lead architects, and run a client workshop in the programming stages of an innovation center to be built in North-Eastern Japan.
Details, artifacts and documentation coming as soon as I can get it all together (and when it is all made public).

**With Tacchi Studios**
For the last couple of months, I was delighted to work with Shibuya-based app development studio Tacchi Studios. I worked on a mobile app (iOS/Android/Web) development project for one of Japan’s most well-known language learning companies and provided input on the functional and social aspects of the development of the software studio (e.g. development of website and promotional materials, evaluating potential employees, pitching for new work, interaction with the mobile development community).

**Award winning illustration in limited embroidered T-shirt form**
A few years ago I won a prize in this design competition with a drawing of this "cat puncher".

The other day I collaborated with a local occupational rehabilitation store to produce a limited edition embroidered t-shirt.

View more images HERE

**iOS App for Mammoth School**
The first iOS app for Mammoth School, a part of respected independent Tokyo-based publisher Knee High Media Japan.

I searched for and secured the collaboration of a highly talented iOS developer, and stayed with the small development team (company founder, developer, me) through to the completion of the app.

Download from the app store HERE (in Japanese)

**MAS Context contribution**
I was asked to contribute to the In Context section of MAS Context, a quarterly journal created by MAS Studio, that addresses issues that affect the urban context.

My piece sketches "through previous editions to divine points of meaning. Trying to grasp what more lucid minds behold"… READ IT HERE

**Dumpster Diving for Small Dataspaces of Anarchy**
"Yuk Hui urges us to be archivists instead of users, and reminds us that care, preserving and giving, need to be key aspects of our archive culture. We agree, and further promote Dumpster Diving in our everincreasing flotsam archives and hardware trash in the pursuit of small dataspaces of anarchy that offer real human(e) agency… [Continue Reading]"

**Making Friends**
UPDATE:The S.C.R.O.T.U.M. intervention "Making Friends" has been accepted to the Artifacts section of EPIC 2013 London - "EPIC is the premier international gathering on the current and future practice of ethnography in the business world."

Our artifact is a storyboard that documents a research interaction and illustrates human evolution in approaching the unexpected in shared public spaces.

Making Friends was a true, inter-species encounter in the Tokyo Metro. Click to enlarge image.

**Tokyo, a Fruitful City (Farming the City book contribution)**
Contribution to the Farming the City book, produced and edited by CITIES.

"..[A] great piece of analysis with a wonderful take on the role and potential of fruit in the urban metabolism" say the editors.

> Photos and details HERE

**Featured in Japanese culture magazine**
Our tanuki investigations were recently featured in pioneering Japanese culture magazine PINGMAG - HERE.

**好きな公園(公園マップ)| Tokyo Park Research**
(Part of the With Akishima Kindergarten Project)
A project looking at parks in a western Tokyo suburb.

Log of submissions HERE

**にわとりの研究 - Chicken Research**
(Part of the With Akishima Kindergarten Project)
にわとりはとても気持ちの良い研究「相手」 / 「対象物」です!

ダウンロード(PDF, 1.5MB)はこちらへ
View on Slideshare こちらへ

Chickens are delightful research partners / subjects!
Let's take a look at a 10 minute research project!

Download (PDF, 1.5MB) HERE
View on Slideshare HERE

**A nice article about my learning projects**
> In Japanese, on Japan's fantastic social innovation and design magazine HERE
> greenz.jpのインタービュー・記事「何かを目的としないこと」こそ、創造性を育む土壌になる。ニュージーランド人研究者による「Not-schoolプロジェクト」とは?: こちらへ

**Tokyo Fruit Layers (English Version)**
"Understanding fruit layers can help make urban life more social, resilient and delicious" - A short text we prepared for the LIMNO Collabora on stratification, nature, and landscapes.

Download the PDF (15MB)HERE

**Tokyo Base**
Self funded renovation, creation and local commerce project in the Tokyo mountains - a space for creation, artist/researcher in residence, fine and frugal food and lots more stuff I haven't thought of yet.... details HERE, and/or get in touch if you'd like to know more and/or have ideas.

**Research and (non)Design in Kindergartens**
I've started small role as researcher and (non)designer at a local alternative kindergarten in suburban Tokyo.
Here, I (1) investigate and document how the children use and perceive their learning environments and (2) convey and work with findings to develop and expand a learning cycle with parents and teachers........ finding questions, working on how to go about answering them & how to generate more of them..... Also looking at what role new and old, high and low technologies might play.
> More details (in Japanese) HERE and a bilingual log HERE.

**Japan Urban Image Resources**
Tokyo Street Art Image Resource: 2000 images of street art from Tokyo (Shinjuku and Shibuya) for you to use in any way you like.
> Details and purchase HERE
Nagoya Image Resource: A resource of 735 images of decrepit and decaying Nagoya City, Japan for you to use in any way you like.
> Details and purchase HERE

**top ten posts for 2012 on This Big City**
Very nice that my post Seven Ideas From Tokyo for Child-Friendly Spaces was one of the top ten posts of 2012 on This Big City - an award winning social media organisation sharing ideas and encouraging discussion about sustainable cities.
> The post is based on my small study of Tokyo at child scale.

**with Adaptable Futures**
I'm excited and honoured to start a new collaborative working relationship with the Adaptable Futures group at Loughborough University.
> Details and projects HERE

**Tokyo Tanuki: Learning from Mythical and Real Urban Animals**
"Welcoming real and mythical urban animals expands ideas of adaptability past spatial, structural and service strategies that focus on the physical artefact, showing a way for considering how microspaces, pleasures, pranks and human/non-human relationships can inform thinking about urban environments design."

> Read the full article on This Big City
> "Tokyo Tanuki: Apprendre par l’observation des animaux mythiques urbains" en francais
> "El Tanuki de Tokio: aprendiendo de un animal urbano, un mito y una realidad." en Espagnol

**Updates to Studio.C.R.O.T.U.M.**
Urban experiments for the Studio for Creative Revitalization Of Tanuki Urban Manifestations (S.C.R.O.T.U.M.)

> Check Tokyo Green Space for recent inter-species interventions HERE
> Project Page = Studio.C.R.O.T.U.M.

**Contribution to Children Youth and Environments Image Collection. University of Colorado CYE Center.**
I'm honoured and delighted to contribute a selection of my hand-made play and child-scale city images to the Children Youth and Environments Image Collection at the University of Colorado CYE Center.
> View the collection HERE

**Tokyo Local Fruit on**
> In-depth interview/article covering our Tokyo Local Fruits Project (あんなところにフルーツが!果物を通じて”おいしい街”TOKYOを再発見する「東京ローカルフルーツ」 [マイプロSHOWCASE]) - on (in JP)
> Jared Braiterman presented our Tokyo Local Fruits project at July's green drinks Tokyo - HERE (in JP)

**Studio for Creative Revitalization Of Tanuki Urban Manifestations (S.C.R.O.T.U.M.)**
The Studio for Creative Revitalization Of Tanuki Urban Manifestations works with the Tanuki - a member of the canine family that resembles a raccoon (commonly known as raccoon dog in English). In addition to being a real animal that resides in the nooks and crannies of Tokyo alleyways and shrines it is also a pleasure-seeking and massively testicled mythical figure central to Japanese folklore and popular culture.

A collaboration with Jared Braiterman and Jess Mantell.

Work, sketches and resources are on the Studio.C.R.O.T.U.M. Page

**Tokyo Fruit Layers | 東京フルーツ・レイヤー**
The Japanese language version of a text we prepared for the LIMNO Collabora on stratification, nature, and landscapes. To be published soon.


フルテキストは こちら

**Edible Subscapes and Sensual Substitutes**
A small story and images about fruit in Tokyo.

Delectable codescapes; DRM-infused code candies;
Industrial juices and code snippets; A city of dog turds and plastic bags.....

Rich, dark soils in rotting tatami mats....

Teletechnologies of generalised taste VS Resilient and distributed asynchronous economies of mutual reciprocity.

Read it at Tokyo DIY

**Playtime in Africa: Site and global supporters**
I'm honoured and delighted to start to play a small part in this project that aims to "turn two acres of land in the Dzorwulu neighborhood into a groundbreaking natural playspace".
> Frugal Collaboration towards Public Space for Children - small post on Polis [HERE]
> Global supporters map [HERE]
> Playtime in Africa WEBSITE

**Tokyo Local Food Presentation @ Pechakucha Tokyo**
Presenting parts of our Tokyo Local Fruit project.
Our presentation for Pechakucha Global Cities Week (Tokyo) on Tokyo Local food is now up on the Pechakucha site
VIEW the presentation slides on SLIDESHARE
VIEW the Ustream of the presentation [HERE] (starts about 4:40).

We've also completed a short text, diagrams, images titled "Fruit Layers of Tokyo" for LIMNO's Collabora on stratification, nature, landscapes. To be published soon.

**Seven Ideas from Tokyo for Child Friendly Spaces**
A short article summarising City at Child Scale study on - HERE
And in Chinese: 孩童空間的七種構想

Noted in Megan Rosker's article on play for Huffington Post [HERE]
Quoted in The Atlantic Cities article on walkability, food deserts and obesity [HERE]
Featured on (a national nonprofit dedicated to saving play for America's children)

**Study on the City at Child Scale**
"......These safe and slow pathways are perfect for tiny feet and their larger commute-weary companions. Dense greens and colourful scented collages reside at the height and scale of little eyes and noses. Irrepressible hands thrive on the mixture of gravel, sand, grass, rocks, sticks and fallen fruit that compose Tokyo carpets. In summer developing ears drink in crickets, cicadas and neighbourhood rustlings...."

A small study on the child's perception of the street.

This document traces the everyday treasures of a rainy day walk to the local sento in suburban Tokyo. It is part of a broader and slightly wonky research and practice agenda on the hand made, everyday creativity, play, and usable environments.

Extracts, Full Download, etc [HERE]

**Patterns of Play Research**
Rough categorization working draft of gender/age/materials/concepts for Patterns of Play research. 108 examples of self-initiated, non-commercial play: View Data Sheet.

**Dots and Nets game with MAMMOTH**
Produced in collaboration with Mammoth School and Knee High Media for the fourth issue of the Mammoth School free paper, "Dots and Nets" builds on the traditional dots and squares game to introduce creatures of the sea. Illustrated by Mika Inohara.

Details and video [HERE]

**Hand Made Play**
Notes from a collaborative + open research project investigating, enjoying, and learning from the self-initiated and non-commercial play of children in Tokyo.

**Tokyo Local Fruit Study**
A public project looking at non-commercial fruit in Tokyo private gardens and public spaces. We hope to learn about what is being grown, where, and how it is being enjoyed and shared - the simple, everyday tastes, stories and memories of fruit in Tokyo.

> A collaboration with Jared Braiterman and Jess Mantell.
> We presented this project at the Pechakucha Global Cities Week (Tokyo) on Feb 23 [HERE]
- and you can view the UStream [HERE]
> Parts of this project will be published in ALL YOU CAN EAT! - a book about using food as a tool for urban development - [HERE] (when they find a publisher).


**Framework for Neighbourhood Creative Climate**
New post on This Big City [HERE]

**Building for Plants and Play**
Turning an unusable and unfriendly suburban jungle/rubbish dump into a usable space for children, plants and parents.

> View progress [on Flickr]

**Workshops for Kids**
> HAPPY DUTCH WORKSHOP x WA WA PROJECT: Dutch house making workshop / Dutch tulips & coloring journal in collaboration with Tanemaki Project [HERE].

> TULIP JOURNAL in collaboration with Tanemaki Project [HERE].

Both of these in collaboration with the great Hiyoko Imai and Jared Braiterman

Piece on the Olympus cover-up featuring my ex-pat management research.
View [HERE]

**Human(e) Aspects of Tokyo: Creative climate, small places of anarchy, stigmergy.**
Notes and a few projects for a guest lecture at Dr. Christian Dimmer's Public/Private Seminar, Waseda University (Nov. 16, 2011)

Download/Viewing Options [HERE]

**Recent Articles (Nov)**
The Non-Intentional Landscape of Tokyo - a collage/sketch text on This Big City
Fixes study featured on Archinect

**Patterns of Japanese Creativity**
This ongoing study reviews the Japanese business and management literature to uncover the principles, strategies and circumstances at the heart of the creative successes of Japanese companies.

NEW: Page Samples and Exercises from forthcoming book [LINK]

Project Resource[LINK to Project Resource]

**Tokyo Colour-In Preview and Activities**
Tokyo colour-in. The colouring-in book of Tokyo street art (180p)
A colouring-in book of Tokyo street art created to introduce little hands and minds to the fine-grained hand made aspect of human(e) creativity on the street.

Take a look at the preview [HERE]
and check the slowly growing set of activities for use with the book [HERE]

**Amidakuji - Storytelling Game**
Produced in collaboration with Mammoth School and Knee High Media for the third issue of the Mammoth School free paper, "Amidakuji" builds on a traditional Japanese game for fun and weird storytelling. Illustrated by the fantastic Hiyoko Imai.

Downloads and video [HERE]

**Recent Articles**
Small Places of Anarchy in the City on This Big City
無政府的小處 | This Big City 城事
Featured on Planetizen
Collaborative Mental Mapping on Engaging Cities
Photo-Realistic Model of Tokyo on Polis
Featured on Archinect
Featured on Green Japan - Tokyo’s Creative Greenness Revealed

**Part of Mega-Cities: Design Anthropology and Urban Landscapes, a Tokyo University Course**
I'm honoured to be a guest speaker at, and have my research included in the syllabus for Mega-Cities: Design Anthropology and Urban Landscapes, a Tokyo University graduate seminar on mega-cities taught by Jared Braiterman.

My FIXES research is part of the syllabus.

**Hand Made Tokyo Book Preview & Download**
Lots of preview images of the Hand Made Tokyo document of the 3331 Arts CYD Tokyo mapping workshop we did last summer.
A5, 126 pages
Take a look at the preview [HERE]

**FIXing the Neighbourhood: Investigations in Suburban Tokyo / Sketching for Usable Cities**
A scrambled, semi-off-the-cuff presentation for the Institute for Information Design Japan workshop “Transforming Neighbourhoods - Tokyo/Berlin" organised by Jan Lindenberg.

View the presentation On Slideshare
View the presentation: On Scribd

**Managing For Creativity in Japan**
View the resource page [Managing for Creativity in Japan]
Risk and Creative Climate in Japan: An annotated framework [PDF]
Risk and Creative Climate in Japan: An interview collage [PDF]
Being a Successful Manager in Japan: An annotated framework [PDF]

**CITIES Magazine: Tokyo Focus**
I'm delighted that Cities Magazine is devoting a 'Tokyo Focus' week to projects from a-small-lab.
"CITIES (with offices in Amsterdam and Stockholm) explores local practice in a global context. It goes beyond academic vocabulary such as industrial renewal, gentrification and densification, encouraging urban explorers to tell their own stories and to share their perspectives and experiences of life in the city." Visit their site [HERE]

**Keep Your City Delicious!**
Keep your city beautiful? How about keeping it delicious for a change!
Short examples from 'Keep your city delicious' (街をおいしく!)activities in Tokyo.
View the slideshow: [ON SLIDESHARE]

**A Board Game about City Accessibility**
Produced in collaboration with Mammoth School and Knee High Media for the second issue of the Mammoth School free paper, "Look-A-Round" is a board game which encourages learning about city accessibility.

View video, photos, and download [HERE]

**Structures and Textures of Nagoya (2003-4)**
A resource, a toolkit, of rare images of the structures and textures of the gradually decaying city of Nagoya, Japan (735 images)

This image resource is available for purchase for commercial (no use restrictions) and non-commerical use - Click here for more details.

**Kokonohanashi (ここの話)Experiment**
The kokonohanashi (「ここの話」 lit. 'talking about here') project works locally with a combination of analogue (notebooks, pens, laminated A4 posters, wire, legwork) and open low-tech digital tools (QR codes, stripped down Wordpress, email, smart-and-not-so-smart-phones) to investigate the development of a platform for discussion about, and positive action in, city space by the people who most matter - those who experience and use the place in their everyday lives.

View the project page: [Kokonohanashi Project]
Download the project introduction: [PDF file, 5.5mb]
Download a brief project report after the first iteration: [PDF file, 3mb]
Read a nice write up of the project at Tokyo Green Space [HERE]

**Small Report: 好きな公園 (Parks I like)**
A small report on aspects of loved neighbourhood parks with the help of a group of neighbourhood kids.

**City Blocks: An as yet unannounced collaborative public art/education project with a Tokyo-based publisher**
“Become familiar & comfortable with your environment, share and discuss, develop the facility to play with, rearrange, reimagine, create spaces and places. Explore the neighbourhoods of Japan through the eyes of other children, discover what they care for and have fun with."

**FIXES: The non-intentional design of Tokyo - a card game**
Based on the images and research of the FIXES: Non-Intentional Design (NID) Research in Tokyo project, this card game/resource aims to increase awareness of NID thinking and practice and to act as an entry point to a deeper experience of Tokyo as a lived city.

**Berlin Design Resource**
A photo resource and book was made for a major Japanese clothing design/retail company (800+ photos, book, context/translation).
Take a look at a couple of photos here [LINK]

**A long collage/essay on Tokyo**
Three out of seven nights, From 11pm-2am.

**by Hand**
Starting to post rough collage notes/writing on the hand made city and Tokyo. Frequently updated.