a-small-lab by Chris Berthelsen. Based in Tokyo & Mairangi Bay

email: chris@a-small-lab.com
twitter: @a_small_lab


Some artifacts from research and design projects on how people use and interact with their environments with a focus on cities, organizations, software, and tools.

>> Initial system sketch when advising an online commerce start-up from the point of view of a vendor.

>> Initial discussion sketch with a Tokyo-based company about a way to research emotion with mobile tools.

>> Sketch of key objectives and mobile app overview during initial discussion with flash sale service.

>> Discussion framework for thinking about convenience, elegance and platforms for digial products and experiences.

>> Sketch outlining initial understanding for global online store of a Japanese apparel brand.

>> Sketch of project framework and output cycles for a collaboration with an alternative kindergarten in Tokyo.

>> Discussion overview sketch for work environment and development in e-commerce app.

>> Sketching fruit paths for a study on non-commercial fruit practices in Tokyo.

>> Diagrammatic overview for an article for MAS CONTEXT, a quarterly journal that addresses issues that affect the urban context.

>> Sketch of a discussion on creativity and innovation with the innovation manager of a company of ill repute.

>> Framework for discussing data, information and knowledge.

>> Early sketches in discussions for an iPhone app for a Japanese apparel brand. The app is HERE.

>> Email interview study of 81/900 online customers of a Japanese apparel brand.

>> Sketch during discussion on a research project on the grooming habits of Japanese men, with a "strategic research, trend forecasting & innovation agency"