Managing for Creativity in Japan Talking with Foreign Executives in Japan

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Rewire your Thinking, Learn to Communicate

“…people here are actually really interested in what you are going to say but the issue is working out how to communicate your message…”

Advice for Managers in Japan

“….It’s a case of really, genuinely, listening, and that’s a challenge….”

Characteristics of a Successful Manager

“….there is probably a heavier emphasis on the ability to trust and rely on others, and to listen intuitively…..”

The Chorei (朝礼)

“There are office routines that are quite uniquely Japanese. Like for instance every morning there is a ‘chorei’ which is like a stand up, quickie meeting, just to get everyone on side, introducing media clippings and that kind of thing. This is a very healthy thing but I think that very few Western companies would […]

Communication is Key

“Creating an innovative environment of change in Japan is a tricky cross-cultural thing. You have a foreign manager driving change and potentially creating discord. If you do it well maybe you don’t have to be disliked though, as long as everyone understands what you are trying to do. That comes down to good communication.” **************************************************** […]