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“….I find that disgusting Japanese people really like hand written stuff. I find it inefficient, slow, ugly…”

Fuck Ups

“…it is very important to have a more Western way of thinking if you are going to be working internationally…”

Need a Japanese Face

“…because there are very specific Japanese ways of doing things here I need to have Japanese staff…”

The Hanseikai

“If you’ve just finished a project what you could have done better is fresh in your mind, and the hanseikai is a good way to capture and document that, before you forget it. So, when you come to do it again, you pull out a bit of paper and improve. It’s a way of capturing […]

The Chorei (朝礼)

“There are office routines that are quite uniquely Japanese. Like for instance every morning there is a ‘chorei’ which is like a stand up, quickie meeting, just to get everyone on side, introducing media clippings and that kind of thing. This is a very healthy thing but I think that very few Western companies would […]