Managing for Creativity in Japan Talking with Foreign Executives in Japan

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Rewire your Thinking, Learn to Communicate

“…people here are actually really interested in what you are going to say but the issue is working out how to communicate your message…”

It’s a Respect (not talent or experience) Thing

“….it’s a respect thing and you have to show that you are in for the long haul…..”

Be Respectful or Be Shut Out

“….you really have to play the game right otherwise you won’t be able to do business, people will shut you out….”

Creativity as a Commodity

“I have observed that there is a tendency to treat creativity as a commodity. The approach often seems to be that “I’m the client and I’m paying for creativity! – So where is it? Bring me something creative!” Of course it’s not just Japanese clients that do that actually, it’s fairly universal but I can’t […]