Patterns of Creativity in Japan Lessons from Successful Japanese Companies – A Resource

No Longer Servants of the State

People in large organizations (especially in Japan) can become complacent and feel like they ‘are doing their customers a favour’. Shaking them up through structural change and blood-letting can be the catalyst for striking attitude change.

“They forgot the shock of the split, and their new-found confidence inspired them to provide even better service.” (Eiji Hosoya, former director and general manager – Management Administration Department, Corporate Planning Headquarters (East Japan Railways))

Example: Privatisation of Japan National Railways – “They could no longer depend on the government for their sustenance or authority. They were on their own. It was as if a key component had been removed from their attitudes towards their jobs. Like it or not, they would have to make a new start, with new ideas and perceptions.”

Source: Katayama, O. (1996). Japanese business into the 21st Century: strategies for success.