Patterns of Creativity in Japan Lessons from Successful Japanese Companies – A Resource

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Transformation as Product Concept Generator

“..rearrange the system or setting..”

Simplicity as Concept Generator

“..paring, eliminating, cutting, peeling, and throwing away..”

Miniaturization as Product Concept Generator

“…’pocket-sized’…. ‘pocket razor sized’..”

Kaizen Ideas as Well

Incremental improvement of ideas

The Lotus Blossom

Brainstorm like a lotus blossom

The NHK Method

Brainstorm like NHK

The Mitsubishi Method

Brainstorm like Mitsubishi

The KJ Method

“…a conceptual, visual, map..”

“Whiskey Operations”

“Whiskey and Patents”

After-Hours Socializing

“…..the bacchanalian heat of eating, drinking, and discussing…”

Technology Road Maps

“…map the timing, interaction and continuity of parallel technologies…”

Spiral Development

“…recursive, cyclical, and interactive SPIRAL TYPE new product development..”

Global Search

“….exploring unfamiliar territory and leaving few stones unturned…..”

Sandwiching Ideas

“…the Walkman was a sandwich….”

Process Spin-Offs

Spin off a new product from an existing industrial process.

Extract the Essence

Take the ‘essence’ of one product and transfer it to another.

Crossover Technology

“…transmit ideas rapidly between consumer and industrial products areas….”

Interindustry Technological Fusion Index

“….identify overlaps in research spending in various industries and product areas….”

Yugo-ka (Fusion)

“….fusion refers to a more ‘basic transformation of multiple technologies….”

Patent Hybrids

“…develop generalists who can see possible linkages and envisage hybrid technologies from existing patents..”

Sairiyo – Idea Recycling

“….Japanese carry their past with them into the future.”

Overcome the Tyranny of Western Creativity

“…overcome the tyranny of Western creativity…”

Idea Contests

Idea Contests

Recognize your Bureaucracies

“..recognize your bureaucracies…”

Creative Samurai: The Intrapreneur

Creative Samurai: The Intrapreneur

Cartesian Vs. Fuzzy Logic

“..Westerners have been socialized to think linearly, Japanese think in a more cyclical way….”

Types of Fusion (yugo-ka)

5 types of fusion

Fission Vs. Fusion

“…ideas from the many are “gathered, assimilated, and squeezed”…”

Sophisticated and Open Information Systems

“…open information for operating level creativity, not control…”

‘Mikansei’ (Incompleteness)

“Incompleteness is not seen as a sign of weakness, but as a window on future opportunities.”