Non-Intentional Design: Investigating alterations of space/objects at the public/private boundary in suburban Tokyo, Japan. A resource by Contact: Chris Berthelsen

Video: Street Crossing Short Cuts

Synchronization of pedestrian crossing signals enables triangulation short cuts – traversing two roads with one green signal is a significant efficiency gain for harried morning commuters racing to appease time-card hounds.

Location: Shibuya, Tokyo

Junk Mail Delivery

Path through garden worn by junk mail delivery people trying to avoid the watchful eye of the apartment complex security/maintenance workers. It is not only the actions of the residents that slowly mold the building and surrounds over time.

Location: Setagaya, Tokyo.

This example is a note for a pamphlet on “Hand Made Aspects of Mass Produced Housing”. Subscribe to my somewhat-frequent letter HERE if you want to keep in touch easily.

Most Effective Route

With the completion of a new rotary/taxi stand the route straight out of the station, to the convenience store and up the main street was cut off – necessitating a 2-3 minute detour around the side. For the time scarce suburban commuter this is not obviously not acceptable.

The state of the shrubbery is evidence of the foot-made solution – two well worn paths between the bushes leading in a straight line from the bottom of the stairs to the convenience store. Rule-abiding minds have attempted to discourage this use by placing traffic cones in the way, but to no avail…..

Most Effective Route
Most Effective Route
Most Effective Route

Location: Akishima-shi, Tokyo

Step Up

Breeze blocks even out too-large entry steps.

Materials: Breeze Blocks
Location: Akishima, Tokyo

PET Bottle Mobile Storage

Storage for a PET bottle on the go.

PET Bottle Mobile Storage

PET Bottle Mobile Storage

PET Bottle Mobile Storage

Materials: Bicycle
Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo

Ramp in Wooden Plank

Easy access for wheeled objects (shopping trolleys, bicycles, etc) created by placing a length of wood up the apartment complex steps. A piece of wood fixed to the lower end prevents slipping.

Ramp in Wooden Plank
Ramp in Wooden Plank

Materials: Wood
Location: Akishima, Tokyo

Queueing in Duct Tape

Duct tape queueing lanes at the train station.

Location: Tachikawa, Tokyo
Materials: Duct Tape

Mega-Cities: Design Anthropology and Urban Landscapes
I'm delighted and honoured to have my FIXES work included in Jared Braiterman's Tokyo University graduate seminar on mega-cities.
You can download the syllabus [HERE]

Thanks to the URBAN DESIGN Lab 西村・北沢・窪田 都市デザイン研究室, Department of Urban Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo for making this a featured resource of their lab [LINK]

Vision Plus 2010
Thanks to the organizers of the conference for selecting this project as a featured resource, even though I was not able to attend.

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